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Sharon Prassel
Woman Entrepreneur
Founder of Chloe & Cody

 "Where Pets Dress Their Humans To Impress"

Sharon Prassel is the visionary behind the Chloe & Cody label and concept. Ms. Prassel’s idea to build a brand with the primary mission based on coordinating apparel and accessories to make pets and their owner’s look and feel great while enjoying time together was formed as a result of Sharon’s experience in the pet world.

It became clear to Sharon in another pet-related business, Pampered Pets, that pets have become an integral part of the family.

Nowadays, with people feeling more and more as if their pets are a sort of “surrogate child”, Sharon knew it would be only a matter of time that pets would be dressed to impress, much like a toy doll! Today, pet owners are taking their pets, boating, travelling biking, dining out, shopping and the like, Sharon Prassel envisioned a “niche” with a unique twist in dressing pets and their owners! Sharon’s objective is to capture this untouched market all around the world, of all shapes and sizes, with this unique idea of ‘pets dressing their people companions, to impress.

Men, women, girls, boys, teens, the whole gamut will be available in Sharon’s vision and brand concept! Hence, Sharon Prassel, woman entrepreneur, sought out to create a brand that can offer a diverse and stylish line of upmarket luxury products that is unique, distinctive and universal for this type of consumer.


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